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take the leap.

Partnering with individuals and teams to embrace exploration, harness resourcefulness, and empower purposeful expansion.

To be human is to become. Whether in baby steps or great big jumps, we are almost always in motion, moving from one task, one role, one chapter, or one place to the next. Yet we also sometime feel stuck, directionless, or like we’re pulled in different directions all at once. At LEAPP we create frameworks, facilitate conversations, build practices, and share resources to help clients make meaningful - sometimes transformative - progress that aligns with their core values. 


We are all the architects of our own lives - let's co-create the best version of yours.

why Leapp?

LEAPP stands for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Peak Performance. It is a philosophy of self-inquiry and self-discovery, designed to empower and support individuals and groups in making changes - both grand and granular - toward a more expansive and fulfilling existence.


The inner and outer journey to live our values, fulfill our human potential, and transform the groups we interact within.


The creative and ambitious pursuit of opportunities and the scrappy maximization of resources, both internal and external.

peak performance

The ability to harness the necessary mental and physical skills to meet the challenges of - and be more fully present in - the moment.

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